Pillow Sebastian

The production of the LINDELL & Co’s pillows is based in Nothern India. Each piece is a unique product. The embroidery and the dying is done by skilled artisans. The material used is hand dyed New Zealand wool. The irregularities that may appear in the embroidery or in the dye are proof of their authenticity.

Chain stitch is an ancestral embroidery techinque in which the quality varies. LINDELL & Co has chosen to work with highly qualified artisans, capable of a small and narrow stitch. Therefore, all of our creations are produced in small quantities, which makes them so special.

The making of a pillow requires 3 to 4 days.

Before a pillow gets into the hands of a client, each piece is thouroughly checked to keep up with the image of a high standard product.

LINDELL & Co’s priority will always be quality before quantity.

Artist: Lindell & Co
Dimension: 16'' x 16''
Instruction: Dry clean only

Any Questions?
Lindell & Co is unique and will sure elevate home decor... If you have any questions, please send us your requests info@dupuis-design.com.

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