Apple Sculpture by Selma Calheira


Fruit made from the finest ceramics from the North Brazil.

The fruit of the Brazilian designer Selma Calheira do not only follow the natural shapes of oranges, apples or plums, they are useful as well. Of course not in the sense of vitamins, as these fruits are prepared from ceramics, they are useful in the literary sense. They appear in course of the social project in Bahia initiated by the artist. The project is aimed to support the disadvantaged people of the North Brazil and to educate talented hand workers into professional ceramists. Preparing the products after the sketches by Calheira, they receive the possibility to earn their living.

Their ceramic fruits, made after nature are prepared by hand and can be presented individually, in groups, in a bowl or as sculptures. The brown stalks are made of wood present a good contrast to ceramics. Each piece is unique.

Material: Ceramic

Origin: Brasil

Artist: Selma Calheira

**Due to the hand made nature of our product please note that it may be subject to a 3-4 weeks lead time from date of purchase.

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