Dupuis Design crafted an elegant dining room in San Juan Capistrano, blending functionality with sophistication. The centerpiece is a Cattelan Italia dining table, complemented by ocean blue velvet chairs, under the brilliance of a Maxim Comet chandelier. The table is adorned with Dupuis Design's curated collection, including Seguso's Balloton blown glass bowl and vase, and Regina Medeiros' refined glass bowl. A warm grey sideboard, highlighted by a gold bronze sculpture by Jacque Vanroose and a gold brass base table lamp from Eicholtz, adds refinement and balance to the space.

      Enhancing the room's aesthetic, Peggy introduced the Boynton mirror with its 3-dimensional triangle facets, transforming a plain white wall into a dynamic focal point. This design element adds depth and texture, interacting beautifully with Moooi random lights, creating a harmonious blend of geometric elegance and brilliance. The gold grass cloth wallpaper serves as a luminous backdrop, complementing the mirror and coral glass artwork, adding an oceanic touch. The Usm Haller modular furniture, both visually appealing and highly functional, offers customization and adaptability, making it ideal for various needs.

            Dupuis Design has meticulously crafted elegant and inviting guestrooms that offer a luxurious retreat for visitors. Each room combines style and comfort seamlessly, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests to relax and unwind. From modern furnishings sourced from CB2 and Crate and Barrel to sophisticated accents like Redford Design nightstands and Cyan Design lamps, every detail is carefully curated to elevate the space. In one guestroom, a custom design inspired by the occupants' love for blue features luxurious leather wall paneling and an ocean-themed rug, creating a serene ambiance. Whether it's the modern sophistication of one room or the tranquil atmosphere of another, Peggy's attention to detail ensures that each guestroom provides a memorable and delightful stay, reflecting her design expertise and commitment to creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

                      In a special project for the youngest member of the family, Peggy designed a fully customized Star Wars-themed bedroom for baby Benji. This magical and immersive space allows Benji to explore his favorite Star Wars adventures. The room features custom-sized wallpaper, balloon ceiling lights, a convertible crib, and a soft reclining armchair, creating a calming yet fun environment. This thoughtfully designed space stimulates Benji's imagination and provides a cozy area for him and his mom to create precious memories together. The design blends functionality, comfort, and a touch of whimsy, ensuring the room will be enjoyed for years to come.

                      Dupuis Design has crafted a captivating under-the-sea themed nursery for baby Noah, seamlessly blending creativity and comfort. The room features custom wallpaper depicting a serene ocean scene from Munks and Me, complemented by whimsical balloon ceiling lights by Estiluz. Practicality meets charm with a convertible crib and soft reclining armchair from Pottery Barn, while a playful shell rug from Nestig adds texture. The calming blues and whites throughout evoke the tranquility of the ocean, creating a nurturing space for both baby and parents. Thoughtful details, like a convenient side table, ensure functionality without compromising the room's enchanting atmosphere, making it the perfect haven for early childhood and cherished moments.