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From Drawing Up Plans To The Final Touches

The initial meeting will be about understanding the client’s wishes and clarifying the project objectives into material design concepts. The next few follow up meetings, which can be done either via electronic means like telephone or video conferencing; or in person, will be about deliberating upon a schematic design. Once the design is finalized, a final presentation will be made which will include technical plans and specifications. If the project includes interior furnishings, a digital storyboard will also be included in the final presentation.


In case the client requires the services delivered on an expedited time frame, a rush fee may be assessed.

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Design / Consultation Rates

Clients have the option of availing of two billing options: our standard hourly design fee billed at $150 per hour; or a fixed one-time payment. Any expenses on printing and sampling will be borne by the client and billed separate to the design fees.

Expenses during assessment: Normal hourly rates and mileage fees will be charged during the project assessment period when the design is being finalized. Clients in the greater Los Angeles area may be subjected to a surcharge.

Expenses during construction: Expenses will be billed fortnightly: on the 15th and 30th of each month until completion of the project. The final cost takes into account variables such as materials, furnishings, and complexity.

Kitchen remodels are typically billed at $3500 or more; bathroom remodels at $3000 or more; design plans (excluding remodels and renovation) are typically billed at $1200 or more.

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