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Dupuis Design is proud to present NO LIMITS!, a special one-night exhibition where art and design converge in the private residence of Peggy Dupuis of Dupuis Design. The intimate event brings together local and international artists whose work is shown in the context of the domestic environment in intuitive and innovative ways. By collapsing the boundaries between art and interior design, NO LIMITS! explores what it means to live with art and how it can enhance our daily lives. 

Brad Wilson, Santa Fe

Celia Fousse, Paris, France and California

Cecile Geiger, Paris, France

Esmael Bahrani, Paris based Iranian

Herbert Alle, Ivory Coast

Leah Rodarti, San Clemente

Vero Reato, Paris France

Featuring a selection of artists from Gardeco, a Belgium-based design house

Be our guest for food, wine and live music ! Doors open at 5 p.m. on Saturday, September 7 and the show ends at 10 p.m.This event is open to the public with limited capacity and advanced reservation.

Proceeds from ticket sales will go to Living Success, an Orange County-based non-profit that provides community mental healthcare where they provide 900 hours of therapy each month without government funding and insurance. You can learn more at livingsuccesscenter.orgIf you would like to support us in raising money for the Living Success Center, please leave a small donation.

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