"Explorers" Diptych

Yandi Monardo

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Country of Origin: Mexico

Medium: Mixed technique with earth tone colors.  Diptych.  

Year: 2023

Yandi Monardo's art is a reflection of his passion and discipline towards the creative process. His work is not only aesthetically pleasing but also carries deep essential content that captures the viewer's attention. His unique iconography reveals his creative potential, where matter takes a life of its own. Yandi's art invites contemplation and introspection, where the viewer can explore the ludic side and the introspective world. His art is a testament to the irrepressible fire that burns within his soul.

INSPIRATION:  The image of explorers walking on water while wearing primitive clothing adds an interesting layer to the piece. It suggests a connection to our ancient ancestors and their timeless quest for exploration and understanding.

The presence of animals and fantastic beings surrounding the explorer further enhances the sense of adventure and the mystical nature of the journey. These creatures could symbolize guides or companions, representing the harmony between humans and the natural world.

The inclusion of these elements in the artwork creates a rich narrative that explores the human journey through time and the interplay between the physical and spiritual realms. It invites viewers to reflect on their own inner explorer and the connection between humanity and the wider universe.

"Explorers" Diptych - 55 x 47 in