Best men's wall decor

March 27, 2020

A list of wall panels selected for men from Dupuis Design
A vision of Beauty through simplicity and affordable art.  The playfulness of the hand cut mosaics, angles and orientation, light and shadow shows a constant movement that enhances light points.  Made of certified natural teak wood from Brazil.
Cool fun lighting. Droog was founded in 1993 by product designer Gijs Bakker and design historian Renny Ramakers. During the Milan Furniture Fair in 1993, the duo presented a selection of sober designs made of industrial materials and found objects. The presentation was titled 'Droog Design', because of the simplicity and dry humor of the objects.
Disque Friso by Domingos Tótora is wonderful, beautiful and simple, with its roots deep in nature. Driven by a passion for preservation, Domingos draws inspiration from natural landscapes to create a collection of home decor pieces made with natural fibres and pigments. His work embodies sustainable ideals with natural materials, and reflects organic processes and cycles within a fresh, contemporary context.
Born and raised in Paris, Celia Foussé understands that big cities can sometimes be inconvenient. For example, the influence of and proximity to fashion sometimes makes us full of ourselves. After wandering through several countries, Foussé seeks to make her audience understand that it is important to detach from our smartphones and explore outside of our realms. Traveling is a renewal of one's soul and shows how small we are compared to our planet and its powerful landscape. To show this, Foussé captures small silhouettes in all of her photographs. 
Brad Wilson’s powerful photographs represent a world that we, as humans, rarely inhabit – a world of instinct, intuition, and present moment awareness – a fully natural world, distinct from the increasingly urbanized and computerized modern landscape that surrounds us. Brad Wilson pulls us into this world with large, exquisitely detailed photographs, offering up a compelling feeling of intimacy and proximity seldom experienced. He intentionally removes all barriers and distractions so the animals depicted move vividly forward out of a deep black background to thoroughly reveal themselves and to challenge our notion of what it means to be human.
Herbert Alle Assi was born in the subprefecture of Akoupe in 1988 and currently lives in Abidjan. Using both colors and lines in a curious and intriguing way, the artist is able to effectively communicate the chaos around us. He believes that art gives the opportunity to use one’s qualities to reach new horizons.
Rodarti’s  current body of work is a cross between sculpture and painting. She moves, overlaps, and joins painted pieces of paper and wood of disparate heritages to create new identities. She also invites the viewer to be part of this act; in doing so she shares authorship. 
Leah Rodart is a visual artist/ educator living in Southern California. She received her BFA from Maine College of Art in Portland and her MFA from California State University, Los Angeles. Her work includes painting, drawing, installation and printmaking. 

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