If you’ve come across this concept in your search for the perfect interior designer, Dupuis Design is about to give you the breakdown to what “luxury” interior design really is. So here it goes:

  1. Custom: what makes any project deemed luxury is the price tag of designing anything from an original idea. This could also mean building your dream home from the ground up and designing it the exact way you’ve always wanted it. Custom most often also means most, or all furnishings are custom with the exact finishes that will best suit the space and other décor around it. Built-in storage, shelving or vanities often need to be customized to fit a space exactly.
  2. Comfort: It sort of goes hand in hand with custom because for things to feel the way you want them to you will most likely need to customize that furnishing. Comfort can also come in the form of hiring a designer who is great with space planning and has good knowledge of spatial circulation. Comfort is the epitome of luxury.
  3. Elegance: You want your space to look beautiful, classic and stand the test of time, your designer will most likely show you investment pieces. Classic furniture and design create that one of a kind elegance that is praised with luxury.
  4. Service: Designing your dream home can be a stressful task. You must pick furniture, measure, design, manage the project and on top of it all manage your personal life. Often all your hard work just doesn’t look as great as you thought, and redesigning is costly. Hiring an interior designer from the beginning to take over all those tasks eliminates those stresses. The service provided will save you a headache in the long run.
  5. Designer fee: Like any luxury service provided there is a design fee attached to the time and effort of your designer.

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