Five outdoor decor hacks presented by Dupuis Design and Tidelli

#1 Add a pop of color ! 

If there’s one thing that sets Tidelli outdoor furnishings apart, it’s color. The coordinated addition of your favorite hue can add brightness and personality to your patio or porch. With Tidelli providing so many options to choose from, the possibilities are endless.  

#2 Think Texture !

Natural landscapes are nothing if not textural. Capture that feeling by using Tidelli’s rope-centric tables and rugs. While rugs delineate areas in a space, textural accents can add a layered, comfortable vibe outdoors.

#3 Utilize the natural elements !

Water features and greenery can add a calming feeling to your outdoor space. Working with the natural elements is good for the soul. Pair plants and the soothing sound of water with natural wood furnishings, like Tidelli’s Goa table or Bora Bora side table in wood or stone. 

#4 Plush Outdoor Furnishings !

Give a whole new meaning to indoor/outdoor living! Using soft, sofa-like furniture outdoors can bring the warmth and comfort of your living room pool or garden-side. Tidelli’s customizable SOFT line allows you to pick and choose how to configure your cozy outdoor retreat. 

#5 Funky Shapes and focal points 

Don’t be afraid to use unconventional shapes! A unique silhouette, like the ones featured in Tidelli’s PAINHO and ESCUNA collections, can create an amazing focal point in your outdoor space. Consider choosing bright colors in these styles for additional impact.