May 05, 2020


This is the best time to Commit yourself to clean and organize. “My Mother used to say, when your room is unorganized, your life will be unorganized.”

2. Prioritize which rooms you need to organize

Closets, Kitchen and Pantry, Garage, Home office, etc. Tip : It could be overwhelming so “Motivate yourself” -Pick first the space that will be the easiest or less cumbersome. -Break it down start with one box or one corner

3. Make 5 piles

a. Keeping (anything you have not used or enjoyed for at least 6 mos to a year should fall under b, c, d or e)

b. Donating

c. Recycling

d. Reselling

e. Trash Note: if you have gifts given to you by loved ones, you might want to keep them.


Here's a list of organizations that will pick up your donations, free of charge:

a. Goodwill

b. GreenDrop

c. Salvation Army

d. Habitat for Humanity

e. Pick Up Please

f. Furniture Bank

g. The Arc



Earth911 company


This could be a great source of income but be honest, make sure the item is in best possible condition. This could be a lot of work so make sure you have the time to prepare the items before you resell.

a. Separate the piles into categories

b. Research for items online to see how much you can get for the item.

c. Take quality photos with white background

d. Note its actual condition

e. Use descriptive headlines and provide details about the item, including shipping.

f. Follow the guidelines and terms of service provided by the online service

My favorite online resale store for high end brand clothings and furniture is


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