How to create a cosy home for Winter

November 27, 2019

It's that time of year! Fall has turned into winter and as temperatures drop our desire to be cozy in our homes rises. Here are five of Dupuis Design's tips for making your home extra welcoming and comfortable this holiday season.


Curl up with cozy textures

There’s nothing better than descending into a nest of blankets on a chilly day. Warm up your home with Lindell + Co fabric accessories, like the MacLindell Plaid blanket and any of their hand-woven cushions. It’s best to layer textures and patterns in pleasing colors for a really welcoming effect. 

Bask in the smell of something in the oven

Use any one of Cookut’s contraptions to hack dinner, enjoying the process and the aromas. When the delectable dish is done, serve it on gorgeous and functional Cookplay or Rory Dobner tableware! With so many designs to choose from, like Santa Cat, you can mix and match your tablescape for a creative effect.  

Layer your lighting

Layered, low lighting is a staple of the holiday season. Achieve this look by using light fixtures that give off a soft glow paired with one of Dupuis Design’s signature candles to create a comfortable atmosphere. Lighting that works on a dimmer also allows you to adjust the mood to perfectly suit a cozy family dinner. Looking for some of Dupuis Design’s favorite fixtures? Find them here

Flaunt a festive color palette

Perhaps the most tell-tale sign of holiday decor is the colors. Envelop your home in warm reds and comforting greens. It lets your guests know it’s time to switch to holiday mode! Create a theme by incorporating pops of festive hues in different places in your home, perhaps using anIMISO Ceramics bowl or a set of Ca D’Oro Green and Red Vases. Tie it all together with anEstelle Pillow in dark green. 

Amplify the atmosphere with glitzy metallics

Make your lighting and color palette really pop by incorporating metallics into your holiday scheme. They reflect the light, adding an amplifying element to the cozy glow you’ve created. While a subtle effect can be achieved by incorporating gold touches into your tableware, like theJomon Bowl or the gilded-edge Three Tier Classy Cake Stand, a more sparkly scheme requires something heavier. Sculptural accents like the Unconditional Love or Balloton Square Vase

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