When you walk into a freshly interior designed project by Peggy the first thing that will pop into your head is WOW.

Well, it’s the Dupuis Design touch of Peggy’s personal signature from years of living in Paris, traveling and meeting the best artists from around the world !

Her knowledge is vast and wide in the art world giving her clients exclusive access when they work with her. World renowned artists such as Vero Reato and Cecile Geiger recently partnered with Peggy this past September creating an art show called No Limits! which was deemed a success by all who enjoyed the event.

When you enter her personal residence, which serves also as her showroom you will see her amazing art collection and European flair throughout. This flair also brings something new to the coast of Orange County that represents a classic twist on modern architecture and eclectic interior expression.

Peggy’s years as an interior designer and designing her forever home knows the value of only offering the best in furnishings, hard surfaces, lighting and décor to her clients.

If you’d like to see more of Peggy’s interior design click here.