Dagur Ceramic

Orn Porsteinsson

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Discover the enchanting world of Örn Porsteinsson's, Dagur ceramic, a unique serie of miniature sculptures that capture the essence of Icelandic landscapes, mythology, and biomorphic fantasies. Known primarily for his large public sculptures, Porsteinsson's travel pieces are intimate expressions of his artistic vision, carried with him as he explores different environments. Among these captivating works is Dagur, a ceramic figurine that draws inspiration from Norse mythology. In ancient tales, Dagur represents the personification of day, embodying the beauty and brightness that brings daylight to Earth.
Dagur features a rounded, biomorphic shape and a palette of five natural colors—café, musgo, marsala, white, and graphite—that echo the stunning Icelandic scenery. Each figurine is meticulously handmade at the Cores da Terra ceramics studio in Brazil, ensuring that every piece is unique. With dimensions of W 6cm x H 18cm x L 6.5cm, Dagur serves as a charming and visually striking statement piece. Due to the artisanal manufacturing process, slight variations in size and color are natural, enhancing the individual character of each figurine. Elevate your space with this exquisite creation that marries mythology with modern craftsmanship.

Dagur Ceramic - 50-Musgo (green)