Inspired by Inbrace's cutting-edge smartwire technology, Peggy crafted a design that is expressive, clean, and minimalistic, yet highly functional and clutter-free. The goal was to create an environment that not only met the aesthetic aspirations but also adhered to building and health codes. Peggy conducted thorough interviews with doctors, technicians, and the marketing team to ensure that every detail of the design aligned with their needs and vision.

      The resulting design is unique and atypical for an orthodontic office, reflecting the innovative nature of Inbrace's technology. The finishings, furniture, and decor all draw inspiration from the sleek and sophisticated Inbrace wire, creating a cohesive and modern aesthetic. Every element, from the detailed cabinetry optimized for efficient use to the strategically placed artwork, communicates the advantages of using Inbrace over traditional braces or aligners. Each studio's location and surroundings were also carefully considered to ensure the design complemented its specific context.

      Materials played a crucial role in bringing this vision to life. Armstrong Vinyl flooring and ceiling materials provided a durable and stylish foundation, while acoustic paneling and signage from 3Form ensured a serene and organized environment. Office furniture from Herman Miller and decorative lighting from Gexpro added comfort and elegance. Decorative paneling by Mario Romano and wallpaper from Photowall contributed to the studios' distinctive look, and reception seating from Stylex ensured a welcoming atmosphere. Handling the full creative scope of this project was a fun and incredible experience for Peggy, resulting in a series of orthodontic studios that are both beautiful and highly functional.