At Dupuis Design, we undertook the exciting challenge of designing the luxury jewelry showroom, Diamee, at Place Vendome in Paris. Our vision was to blend contemporary elegance with the timeless beauty of the original Haussmannian architecture. To achieve this, we preserved the historic interiors, enriching them with fresh, vibrant colors and highlighted crown moldings that enhance the space's classic elegance.

A focal point of the showroom is a magnificent 18th-century French carved and gilded mirror, which adds a touch of opulence and connects the space to its rich historical roots

To create a striking visual contrast, we used lighted pedestals in white to display Diamee's contemporary wedding ring designs, complemented by sleek black stone tables that add depth and sophistication to the showroom.

For a romantic and elegant ambiance, we incorporated wedding dresses as part of the decor, evoking the enchanting spirit of weddings. We paid meticulous attention to lighting, employing ERCO's renowned architectural lighting to illuminate the showroom beautifully, ensuring every detail of the extraordinary wedding ring designs is showcased to perfection. The result is a stunning and inviting space that elevates the customer experience and celebrates the artistry of Diamee's creations.