Discover the seamless fusion of fashion and interior design as Dupuis Design proudly partners with the esteemed clothing brand Bash. Peggy, the founder and interior designer of Dupuis Design, serves as an ambassador for Bash, effortlessly showcasing their chic attire. With an eye for style and sophistication, Peggy seamlessly integrates Bash's fashion-forward pieces into her design concepts, creating spaces that exude both elegance and contemporary flair.

As part of this unique partnership, Peggy curates exclusive pop-up events in California, offering guests the opportunity to experience the intersection of fashion and decor firsthand. From curated displays featuring Bash's latest collections to interactive design workshops led by Peggy herself, these events are a celebration of creativity and style. Through this collaboration, Dupuis Design continues to redefine the boundaries between fashion and interior design, inspiring individuals to embrace beauty and innovation in every aspect of their lives.