Dupuis design x Zadig & voltaire

Step into the world of timeless elegance and effortless style with Dupuis Design's exclusive partnership with the iconic clothing brand Zadig & Voltaire. Peggy, founder of Dupuis Design, embodies the essence of Zadig & Voltaire as an ambassador for the brand, effortlessly showcasing their distinctive clothings. From luxurious cashmere sweaters to edgy leather jackets, Peggy seamlessly incorporates Zadig & Voltaire's fashion-forward pieces into her interior design concepts, infusing spaces with a sense of modern sophistication.

Experience the epitome of French chic at Dupuis Design's curated pop-up events in California, where Peggy collaborates with Zadig & Voltaire to create immersive experiences that blend fashion and decor seamlessly. Guests are invited to explore the latest collections from Zadig & Voltaire amidst beautifully curated interiors, gaining insight into the intersection of fashion and design. Through this partnership, Dupuis Design and Zadig & Voltaire redefine the boundaries of style, inspiring individuals to embrace a lifestyle that celebrates creativity, elegance, and innovation.