Dupuis Design is captivated by Bulthaup's seamless integration of engineering and aesthetics, offering durable products that excel in both functionality and design. Poliform's sofa and coffee table duo elevate relaxation with generous proportions and sleek modern design, seamlessly blending into the living space for a sophisticated atmosphere. The minimalist yet elegant coffee table complements the sofa, while Poliform wall units add functionality with character. The dining area boasts luxurious elements like Gabriel Scott Harlow pendants, a Kensington dining table, and Stanford bridge dining chairs, creating a perfect setting for memorable gatherings.

    In the bedroom, experience the epitome of elegance and personal style with a white-themed space accented with Lindell & Co handcrafted decorative pillows and Selma Caheira decorative wall panels, all meticulously chosen by Dupuis Design to reflect the homeowner's individuality. Customized illuminated headboards and nightstands add a modern touch, while trundle beds and sleeper chairs maximize functionality without compromising style.

    Dupuis Design created a space for one of their sons to share with friends and cousins, maximizing sleeping space in a small bedroom without overwhelming the room. Using inventive solutions, they custom-made the bed to structurally float using one ladder for three beds and added a sleeper chair for a fourth bed. An organic focal point is introduced with a photo taken from a PCT trail hike, framed with the same organic alder wood used in the daughter's room. This blend of practicality and artistic expression adds a unique and meaningful element to the small bedroom, paralleling the "Grandeur" captured by artist Célia Foussé.