The space on the 2nd floor is a sitting room with a library which is an area of passage to the bedrooms, it has a beautiful view of the ocean, the canyons and the living room, swimming pool and garden below.  The aluminum sliding doors which my husband and I imagined opens fully to the outdoor pool and the staircase is our own design as well. For the Master Bedroom, I designed a simple round white bed to fit perfectly into the curved wall, used an amazing textured dark wall paper to highlight the bed. I loved hardwood floor because it is warm to the touch. An open bathroom with a lot of reflection : Walk-in shower, the bathroom with a view is open to the bedroom. This bathroom is equipped with a bubble tub, steam room, and a toilet. Important detail in the house that I've added are the shadow lines (black outlines) around all the doors and the baseboards, as you can see on the photos. Two bedrooms facing each other sharing one bathroom for the kids.  I make my own mixture of color and base paint and apply it myself as well. This sitting area has a beautiful ocean view from inside the house.  Outdoors : A spiral staircase adds an architectural feature to this house. The red bisazza mosaic on the waterline of the pool gives depth to the grey concrete, it also ties it in to the interior of the house.  Front Exterior façade is built with wood sidings and fine stucco. Aluminum Windows, sliding glass and garage doors. Entry pivot door is designed and made to order in hardwood oak. We've added a copper lining (outlined in red) all around the rooftop edge and balcony edge to avoid stain marks on the façade. California sun could be blinding, therefore I've used a mixture of white and off white color on the façade, highlighting the entry door with warm red. Very welcoming indeed. 

Photo Credits : David Tsay & Helen Cornelle