Dupuis Design created a modern luxury hotel spa that offers a vibrant and delightful experience for guests. The spa's lively color palette of teal, yellow, and pink creates an uplifting atmosphere, while artwork and patterns featuring these vibrant colors adorn the walls, adding energy and excitement to the space. To enhance the ambiance, the design includes suspended lighting fixtures resembling seagulls, which create a sense of movement and freedom. These fixtures cast a soft, soothing glow, contributing to the spa's relaxing atmosphere. Strategically placed tubular lights add a dynamic and contemporary touch, making the space visually stunning and invigorating.

        Unique elements such as swing chairs provide playful and relaxing seating options, inviting guests to unwind in a fun and engaging way. The inclusion of pink flamingo motifs in the decor adds a touch of whimsy and elegance, enhancing the overall aesthetic. This modern luxury hotel spa, with its vibrant colors, innovative lighting, and unique seating, creates an environment that is both visually captivating and rejuvenating, offering guests a perfect blend of relaxation and animation.