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The Peggy Dupuis Touch

Each component in every one of our projects, the materials, the furnishings, the ornamentations; sing together in harmony to exude an exquisite and exclusive personality that is unique to that project, impossible to be recreated elsewhere. All of our projects are designed taking into account the specific technical imperatives of the undertaking while remaining true to your budget constraints.

Our vast network of designers, artists, technicians, specialist craftsmen, and suppliers of curios and antiques provides you unparalleled choice and flexibility with service providers.

 Our goal at Dupuis Design is to deliver the unique Dupuis touch that merges comfort, functionality, energy, and novelty in a unique synergy while still letting the authentic spirit of the place breathe free, making each project unique and exclusive.

We aim to produce modern living places, bathed in modern elegance while still giving a nod to tradition. Design is first and foremost a dialogue. And each client inspires a new dialogue with Dupuis Design.

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