Spotlight on Designer: Darono

Darono is a brand of Portuguese Home Fashion Objects that stands out for its original pieces with innovative touches using various materials, but having as a major element in the execution of each piece their own fiber – a technical textile composed by polyester and viscose – A string bodied which consists in a braid and from there it develops and creates every piece through various manual techniques. This material has as its main features to be outdoor resistant and eco-friendly, helping to strengthen Darono concern for environmental issues.


+ eco-friendly + outdoor use + handmade + bespoke textile furniture

As a brand of Portuguese Home Fashion Design Objects, Darono stands out for its original pieces that blend creativity with innovative materials. Darono represents the union between people and knowledge, materials and colors, ideas and inspirations from cultures around the world.


  • Ecofriendly: The main material used is a non-woven fabric of polyester and viscose and it is the surplus of other textile industries
  • Outdoor use: products have been tested to resist light, seawater and chlorinated water exposure
  • Bespoke: we love new challenges and we are always very excited to create something unique for the projects our clients have in mind
  • Handmade: All of products are handmade in Portugal with traditional techniques, some of them learned with the fisherman in our town.


The knot is just the beginning. Darono designs without limits.

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