At Dupuis Design, we take pride in creating luxurious and cohesive living spaces tailored to our clients' unique tastes and lifestyles. One of our standout projects features a sleek grey leather sofa paired with a vibrant color gradient area rug, setting the tone for a modern and inviting living room. Mustard-colored velour swivel chairs add a pop of color and coziness, while a round marble and wood coffee table softens the sharp lines of the furniture. The room is further enhanced with graphic decorative pillows and a throw, creating a harmonious blend of modern design elements, warm colors, and luxurious textures. The open layout seamlessly connects the living room to the dining and kitchen areas, utilizing neutral colors and materials to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere throughout the day area.

      The entryway of this residence is a true statement of elegance and sophistication. We incorporated a stunning beaded wallpaper that showcases cascading warm colors from the ceiling, creating a visually striking and inviting atmosphere as you enter the space. Complementing the wallpaper is a clean and clear bronze glass console top with a travertine bottom table, adding a touch of refinement. To enhance the decor, beautiful blown glass vases from the Dupuis Design collection by artist Regina Madeiros were added, bringing a unique and artistic element to the entryway that makes it truly stand out.

      We transformed the staircase by replacing the treads with light oak engineered wood and painting the risers white, creating a warm, natural look that complements the vibrant Missoni Riga Sfumati Boreal color wallpaper nearby. This bold and energetic wallpaper, with its hues of yellow, purple, and blues, provides a striking backdrop for the room. A CB2 soft tufted white bed balances the vibrant wallpaper with a clean and contemporary look, while whimsical West Elm jeweled gold nightstands and a dresser add a touch of glamour and sophistication. The combination resulted in a visually stunning and eclectic bedroom for our client's teenage daughter.

      In the family room, we designed a cozy space for lounging and watching TV, accentuated with black and white photos of Celia Foussé, one of our featured artists. Lindell & Co decorative pillows from our collection add style and comfort, creating an inviting atmosphere for the whole family. In the master bedroom, our objective was to create a zen atmosphere using a wallpaper with a molten pearly glass look featuring a pine tree forest backdrop. The room includes a dark wood contemporary four-post bed for contrast, and warm pastel-colored accents such as an area rug, throw, and graphic pillows from Lindell & Co. This design approach created a serene and cozy space for relaxation, reflecting our commitment to creating beautiful and functional living spaces.