"Big Mama"

Célia Foussé

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Material: Plexiglass

Year: 2017

Dimensions: 23.6'' x 35.4''

Limited Edition 2 of 5 

Discover this captivating photograph taken deep within the John Muir Forest during a five-day expedition. This striking image features a pregnant mare traversing the majestic mountains, symbolizing the strength and resilience of nature.

In a moment of grace, the mare pauses near a tree, leaning against it with serene determination. This scene evokes the quiet power of wildlife and the profound connection between creatures and their environment.

Through this photograph, the photographer invites us to contemplate the raw beauty of nature and to recognize our humble place within this remarkable ecosystem. It's a true ode to the splendor of our natural world and the magic that animates it.

The cowboy who was riding was calling her "Big Mamma", but the photographer decided to rename her "Beautiful Mamma". 


"Big Mama" - 23.6'' x 35.4''