We are fortunate to have multiple projects that are in various stages of the design/build process. How we move forward with each project depends on the needs and comfort levels of our clients.

1. Some of my clients want to put their projects on hold until the release of the lockdown. However, some of my clients and I are working together to make sure that we finish certain phases of the project so we do not lose the momentum and feel that we have completed the parts of the home they do not wish to delay. For example, one of our current projects is a 2-story home. My client and I have decided to finalize the 1st floor design and purchasing. For this client, the economy and the wait are so uncertain, that we will delay the 2nd story until after the lockdown is released or if or when my client feels comfortable enough financially to proceed.

2. Some projects are in the early design and planning phases, such as shop drawings, sampling, renderings,purchasing and estimates. We will complete these tasks in order to be ready to permit and begin the construction work when it is safe to do so.
These are my tips to safely and effectively manage these projects:
- All communications with suppliers, working partners and clients are done remotely by phone, text, emails or join me.
- Reviewing material samples can sometimes be tricky, so my suppliers and I meet in a private one on one visit to their showrooms, strictly following safety guidelines such as wearing gloves, anti-bacterial masks, practicing social distancing and having an ample supply of hand sanitizer.
- When I receive samples or any packages at my doorstep, I make sure to wear gloves, sanitize the packaging and the items in the box before I bring them inside my
home office.
- When I drop off sampling materials or drawings to my clients, I make sure that everything is sanitized, and gloves are worn to drop the package off to their porch.

3. We do have one project we are currently running the construction site because the home is vacant. However, even projects such as these require careful planning discussions with my contractors.
We follow a complete list provided by the ASID on safely working with contractors on a job site:
- Discourage hand shaking and other typical contact greetings.
- Limit the number of people on the job site, allowing non-essential personnel to work from home when possible. For those onsite, schedule work in segments versus stacking contractors. As this is a kitchen project, we only allow one contractor and his workers at a time. At the most we have 4 people onsite and keeping a safe 6-foot distance between each other and ensure each person wears a mask
- Perform construction walks on FaceTime and conduct meetings online or via conference call whenever possible.
- Do not congregate in lunch areas. Do not use a common water cooler. Provide individual water bottles or instruct workers to bring their own.

Stay safe, Peggy Dupuis.