Dupuis Design breathed fresh and modern life into an outdated home through a meticulous renovation. The staircase was simplified and renovated while retaining its elegant Moorish pendants, whose colors inspired the overall design. Treasured artwork by a renowned family artist added a unique and harmonious touch to the space. The client's selection of modern furniture from Cantoni, including a stylish sofa, chair, and coffee table, brought a contemporary feel to the living room, transforming the home into a modern and inviting space.

      In the entry and kitchen, Peggy focused on simplicity and functionality. The design allowed for an informal dining area that seamlessly connected the kitchen and living room, enhancing the space with beautiful ocean views. This approach not only made the space aesthetically pleasing but also practical for entertaining, elevating the overall experience of the home.

      Understanding the client's needs and preferences was key to the success of this project. Peggy creatively utilized an adjacent bedroom to create a master suite with a sizeable closet and bathroom, providing a private and relaxing area for the homeowners. By replacing a small window with a large picture window, she enhanced natural light and allowed the clients to fully enjoy the breathtaking ocean view. This thoughtful attention to detail and commitment to maximizing client enjoyment resulted in a space that feels open, airy, and inviting, much to the clients' delight.