At Dupuis Design, we had the pleasure of transforming a spacious and luxurious contemporary living room into an ideal space for entertainment and lounging comfort. This room now features a grand piano, a Poliform sectional, and a coffee table, along with a B&B Italia armchair and a custom-made silk rug. The linear fireplace, adorned with dark and light grey slabs, adds a touch of sophistication, while Lindell & Co handmade pillows and throws enhance the cozy atmosphere. The addition of Poliform Concorde tables and chairs in the dining area further elevates the space with their sleek design and high-quality craftsmanship, creating a seamless connection between the kitchen, living room, and dining area.

      The kitchen's design vision aimed for a bright yet warm space with contrasting dark oak, black, and white finishes. This combination of colors and materials creates a visually appealing and dynamic look. Ample storage and workspace ensure functionality, while an informal dining area promotes a casual and social atmosphere. The open layout of the kitchen and dining area not only enhances the communication and flow between the rooms but also allows for enjoying the beautiful ocean view, making the space perfect for both cooking and socializing.

      In the powder room, the sculptural Falper Wing wall-mounted basin in matte white stands out against an all-black wall, paired with a wall-hung black toilet and captivating artwork. This dramatic contrast creates a visually stunning and modern aesthetic, making the powder room a true statement piece. The unique combination of the matte white basin against the black backdrop brings a sense of elegance and sophistication to this often-overlooked space.

      The rest of the home is equally well-appointed, with features like a double staircase with a sleek, curved guardrail that adds a touch of modernity and elegance. The staircase, with its thin, curved, and smooth guardrail, becomes a visually captivating focal point, enhancing the overall design of the home. The son's bathroom boasts a modern and minimalist design with a floating vanity and a standalone tub, creating a luxurious space for relaxation and grooming.

          The daughter's bedroom is a showcase of style and comfort, featuring a stunning velvet blue bed with a high headboard, which serves as a striking focal point. This bed is paired with white lacquered nightstands, adding a touch of elegance and contrast to the space. Additionally, a white Togo chair is placed on top of a dark blue soft rug, creating a comfortable seating area with a pop of color. In the adjacent loft, the theme is powder pink, featuring a convertible bed and a Jeff Koons mini pink poodle artwork, adding a playful touch and creating a stylish and youthful atmosphere.

          The master suite is the epitome of luxury and elegance, featuring a stark white closet with dark brown oak accents, creating a striking visual contrast. The master bathroom includes a serene setup with a standalone tub and glass block shower, transforming the space into a tranquil spa-like haven. The master bedroom itself is a masterpiece, with a dark oak slatted wood backdrop providing a warm and luxurious feel. A modular lighting system from Melogranblu not only illuminates the space but also adds a modern and artistic touch, creating a sophisticated and visually stunning atmosphere. The grand entrance to the master bedroom enhances the visual appeal and adds a sense of grandeur, privacy, and elegance, making it a true sanctuary within the home.