By integrating the colors from the print into the furniture, accessories, and wall paint, Peggy created a cohesive and visually appealing space that exudes balance and unity. The clients, who are avid wine lovers, requested a comfortable and inviting room for entertainment and wine enjoyment. The family room now serves as a warm and welcoming space, perfect for hosting gatherings and spending quality time with loved ones.

In the family room, a large grey sectional sofa serves as the centerpiece, adorned with decorative pillows in an orange theme to echo the colors of the triptych. Two large coffee tables in front of the sofa provide ample space for drinks and snacks during entertaining or family movie nights. An orange round-shaped swivel chair adds visual interest and additional seating. This combination of elements ensures the family room is both versatile and comfortable, ideal for relaxation and socializing.

The nursery was designed to be special for the client's first child, featuring an American-made, sustainable ducduc crib with integrated storage and a bookcase. The color orange was chosen to continue the design theme from the living room art print. A yellow-orange backdrop complements the crib, creating a harmonious space. The wall design features dynamic circles inspired by round 3-tier Ikea pendants. To ensure comfort for the mother, a neutral grey recliner was incorporated, providing a cozy seating option. The combination of the orange crib, yellow-orange backdrop, and grey recliner creates a perfect balance, making the nursery inviting for both mother and child.