Painting by Yandi Monardo - "Fisherman at dawn"

Yandi Monardo

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Origin: Mexico
Painting: Acetate Mixed Technique
Year: 2023

A unique art technique using an acetate sheet as  support. Painting by Yandi Monardo on the reverse side allows Yandi to create interesting and attractive forms that are visible from both sides of the sheet. This process gives Yandi the freedom to experiment with different materials and challenges you to explore new possibilities.
Yandi Monardo's art is a reflection of his passion and discipline towards the creative process. His work is not only aesthetically pleasing but also carries deep essential content that captures the viewer's attention. His unique iconography reveals his creative potential, where matter takes a life of its own. Yandi's art invites contemplation and introspection, where the viewer can explore the ludic side and the introspective world. His art is a testament to the irrepressible fire that burns within his soul.
INSPIRATION:   In the center of this scene, we see a fisherman positioned against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset. The fisherman is being supported by two fish, one swimming above and one below, symbolizing abundance and prosperity. This representation suggests that the fisherman is blessed with a bountiful catch, signifying a successful day of fishing.
As the fisherman casts his net, birds can be seen flying around him, symbolizing freedom and a connection with nature. Their presence adds a sense of tranquility and harmony to the scene.
The golden light that bathes the entire setting represents faith and hope. It illuminates the fisherman and his surroundings, symbolizing the belief and confidence that his efforts will be rewarded with a fruitful catch. This light serves as a guiding force, instilling a sense of optimism and reassurance in the fisherman's journey.
Overall, this artwork portrays a serene and balanced scene, where the fisherman's connection with nature, the abundance of the fish, the freedom of the birds, and the illuminating light all come together to create a sense of harmony, faith, and fulfillment.

Painting by Yandi Monardo - "Fisherman at dawn" - 42 X 59 in