Leah Rodarti Colourful Painting 02

Leah Rodarti

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Leah Rodarti Colourful Painting current body of work is an innovative fusion of sculpture and painting, exemplifying her unique style in the realm of contemporary art. She skillfully moves, overlaps, and joins painted pieces of paper and wood from diverse backgrounds to create new, cohesive identities. This dynamic approach not only produces visually striking pieces but also invites viewers to participate in the creative process, effectively sharing authorship with them. Each piece becomes a collaborative journey, reflecting a blend of histories and perspectives.
Based in Southern California, Rodarti is a distinguished visual artist and educator. She earned her BFA from the Maine College of Art in Portland and her MFA from California State University, Los Angeles. Her artistic repertoire is diverse, encompassing painting, drawing, installation, and printmaking. Her academic background and extensive experience have significantly shaped her artistic vision and teaching philosophy.
Working primarily with acrylic and mixed media on canvas, Rodarti's work includes intricate pieces, such as her 5" x 5" canvases, which showcase her meticulous craftsmanship and vibrant aesthetic. These compact yet powerful pieces highlight her ability to create depth and movement within a limited space. Explore Leah Rodarti’s captivating art that bridges the gap between mediums, creating engaging and thought-provoking visual experiences that resonate with a wide audience. Her work is a testament to the transformative power of art, merging tradition with innovation.

Leah Rodarti Colourful Painting 02