Collage and Painting Art

Herbert Alle Assi

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Originating from the Ivory Coast, Allé Assi's artwork is a captivating blend of mixed collage and painting art. Measuring approximately 39 by 26 inches, each piece showcases his profound exploration of space and the boundaries within socialization places such as urban environments. Assi's approach to art is inherently interdisciplinary, combining eclectic materials like fabric scraps sourced from sewing workshops, which he meticulously incorporates into his canvases.
Allé Assi's innovative techniques and unique perspective have garnered significant attention in the art world. His work was notably featured in the prestigious "Art in the City" exhibition, organized by the Dapper Foundation in 2023 at the Rotonde des Arts in Abidjan. This inclusion highlights his significant contribution to contemporary art and underscores the thematic depth and aesthetic complexity of his creations.
Assi's art is a vibrant testament to the interplay between urban life and artistic expression, making each piece a thought-provoking addition to any collection. Explore the rich cultural narrative and interdisciplinary artistry of Allé Assi's mixed collage and painting works, and bring a piece of Ivory Coast's contemporary art scene into your space.

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