Sif Ceramic

Orn Porsteinsson

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Orne Þorsteinsson, renowned for his monumental sculptures in public spaces, also captivates with his intimate "Travel pieces". These Sif Ceramic miniature sculptures, crafted from flexible materials, serve as tangible expressions of his thoughts and reflections on Icelandic landscapes, mythology, and biomorphic fantasies. Each piece is a portable manifestation of his creative journey, encapsulating Orne's deep connection to his cultural heritage and natural surroundings.
While Orne's large-scale sculptures dominate public realms, it's the Travel pieces that offer a personal insight into his artistic exploration. These sculptures are not merely objects but artifacts of contemplation and imagination, shaped by Orne's encounters and interpretations of Icelandic landscapes. They invite viewers into a world where myth and reality converge, showcasing Orne Þorsteinsson's unique artistic vision through tactile and evocative forms.
Explore Orne Þorsteinsson's Travel pieces and delve into a realm where artistry meets introspection, revealing the essence of Icelandic landscapes and cultural narratives through miniature yet profound sculptures. Each piece is a testament to Orne's artistic versatility and storytelling prowess, offering a glimpse into his creative process and inspirations.

Sif Ceramic - 50-Musgo (green)