Homens de Barro Ceramic (7 pieces)


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Discover the captivating Homens de Barro Ceramic from Cores da Terra collection, a series of poetic sculptures celebrating inner strength and resilience. Crafted from clay and inspired by the profound artistic vision of Selma Calheira, these primitive figurative sculptures embody the essence of powerful beings through their evocative forms and intricate details. Each piece in the 'Clay Man' collection tells an inspiring story of simple yet courageous individuals who, despite facing numerous challenges, draw unyielding strength and perseverance from the earth.

The Homens de Barro sculptures are masterfully designed to capture the spirit of human resilience, making them not just beautiful artworks but also powerful symbols of overcoming adversity. Ideal for both home and work environments, these unique pieces bring a touch of artistry and profound narrative to any space. Available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, each sculpture is a testament to Calheira’s exceptional craftsmanship. Explore the 'Homens de Barro' ceramic to add a remarkable piece of art and an inspiring story to your collection. 

Comes in 7 pieces. 

Homens de Barro Ceramic (7 pieces)