Words From Picasso: "Others talk, I work"


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A lifelong admirer of Picasso, Valentine Herrenschmidt decided to create an exclusive collection inspired by his famous quotes.
She met with Claude Picasso – the artist’s only surviving son and head of the Picasso Administration
- and was allowed unique access into his archives.
The result is “Words from Picasso“ an original collection of 17 calligraphy sculptures, framed in beautiful beech wood,
exhibited exclusively at the new shop library of the National Museum Picasso Paris.

Each piece is handmade in Herrenschmidt’s studio and comes in a numbered series, signed by the artist and carrying the Picasso Administration seal of approval.

Material: Steel wire, photo, beech wood

Origins: France

Dimensions: Format: 12 x 15 cm

Size5.9'' x 4.7''

Words From Picasso: "Others talk, I work"