A few days in Paris...

March 06, 2019

Peggy Dupuis has been bicontinental for several years, by splitting her time between sunny Southern California and Paris, France. She finds immense inspiration in French architecture – both historic and modern. The landscapes, boutiques, museums, and galleries fill her creative cup in more ways than imaginable.

No matter how many jetsetter trips Dupuis takes to Paris, she continues to discover hidden gems during each and every visit. Between shopping, dining, attending operas, visiting art expos, and going to theaters, there is a plethora to explore in this staple European city. She frequents shops like Lindell & Co to revel in the creativity of designer, Gabriel Soyer, and Maison & Objet – a showroom, where she stumbles upon new artisans that she can showcase in her own projects. Maison & Objet gives Dupuis the opportunity to keep up with trends, generate new ideas, and make connections with suppliers and new collections.

Several notable designers hail from France and Dupuis has deemed a few her absolutely favorites. Cecile Geiger, member of the Atelier d’art France, is a unique sculptor that has created a small series of black and gloss polished and gold patinated steel free standing and hanging sculptures. Dupuis loves Geiger’s work for its play on balance and mantra to furnish spaces “with human rhythm.” She is eager to incorporate some of Geiger’s pieces into future projects.

Vero Reato, another member of the Atelier d’art France, is a concrete artisan, who creates dreamy modern pieces with high performance fiber and reinforced concrete. This sensitive, yet off beat style, where mineral and organic features intermingle with the minimalist and contemporary material that is concrete is exactly the type of style Dupuis likes to execute in her own work. There is much to be appreciated in this balance between nature and manmade materials.

Lastly, Dupuis has her eye on Odile Moulin, member of Ateliers d’art. Much like Dupuis, Odile also draws inspiration from her travels. She creates sculptures that portray movement and flight. She utilizes mixed media and makes a statement with her work.

All of these wonderful discoveries that Dupuis has stumbled upon during her time in France will be incorporated in her next design project - a bed and breakfast that she and her family have recently purchased in Etretat, Normandy. The Dupuis family will be re-opening the B&B in April, after the Dupuis Design touch has been made on its interiors. Keep up with its progress by visiting: https://www.leshautsdetretat.com

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