Peggy Dupuis, founder of Dupuis Design, always knew that her creativity would ultimately prevail in her future career. However, her early years in education began as a Business and Accounting major at Cal Poly Pomona. She was a young 21-year-old student with massive dreams and a determined heart to make it big. It wasn’t until her late 30s that she dove head first into the Arts. Dupuis took a major leap of faith and uprooted herself from California to the unknown. She flew to the other side of the pond and made a home in France. She spent a year each at Drouot Formation, Paris, Paris American Academy, and Ecole Chez Soi to become an expert in Interior Design.

Dupuis’ main focus in design is to create a space that brings forth a happier and more organized means of living. She opts for clean lines and color palettes, spacious layouts, a lack of clutter. Her signature touch includes elements of world culture, individuality, and an artistic flare. Dupuis draws inspiration from architects and designers, like Peter Marino, Patricia Urquiola, and Kelly Weartsler. These designers are renowned for their usage of modern materials, playful shapes, ethnic edge, bold color choices, and high-end look. Dupuis isn’t like every other modern/contemporary designer – she brings balance to any room with feng shui.

While Dupuis is eternally a California woman at heart, traveling has been a significant factor in her strong ability to design. Venturing to wordly destinations nourishes her creativity, vision, and more importantly, her soul. She truly believes that we are all one and no matter which place one comes from, we can learn from each other in more ways than expected.

When visiting a country or city, Dupuis uses her keen senses to search for talented artists and artisans. She pays close attention to all of the nook and cranny details of handmade crafts. She’ll hand select pieces that intrigue her to bring to clients internationally. The originality and one-of-a-kind statement pieces from urban and rural artists amaze her on every adventure and provide her with inspiration to execute her projects in an unconventional and contemporary manner.

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